Covid-19: Business as usual…

What a year 2020 has been so far!

No one could have predicted the devasting effect of a global pandemic on all areas of work and life. We hope you have been coping with the lockdown in the UK and are finding new ways to keep yourselves busy, entertained and most importantly safe.

The pandemic has caused tremendous human loss and stretched the NHS to its limits, but what an amazing job by all the front line key workers to keep everyone safe and the country moving. We will all forever be in your debt.

As well as the irreplaceable human loss, there has been a huge impact on people’s finances and businesses. Retail is down, car sales are down, the property market was pretty much shut down and BoE base rate is at an all time low. The government stepped in with the furlough scheme but what happens when that finishes in the autumn and business is still slow? Job losses are inevitable sparking fears of another recession…

We had many conversations as a team regarding delaying the launch of One Click Finance. I mean, who launches a brand and business in the midst of chaos? Well, we believe that is the best time to launch as that is when people and businesses will need us the most. Also, as we are very streamlined and agile in our approach to business, the whole team was ready to work from home even before lockdown.

So whilst there are many unknowns and variables in the current climate, you can rest assured that we are here to guide and help you keep your business finances on track and have access to all government backed lending schemes as well as the traditional lending routes.

Enquire today to see where we could add value to your business.

Thanks for reading and please engage with us via our Social Media channels.

Stay safe!

The Team @ One Click Finance.

The Digital Commercial Finance Broker.

Innovation. Agility. Service. Results.

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